Composing social harmony through music education.


What we do

Filarmonía Vallesana is a Social Program that affects society through pedagogical musical training.


The Program integrates children and young people between 6 and 18 years old, most of them with limited resources from different communities of the State of Mexico, such as: Valle de Bravo, San Juan Amanalco, Rincón de Guadalupe, Acatitlán, Donato Guerra y Temporal.

Six years from it’s opening, Filarmonía Vallesana has managed to support more than a thousand children developing in them a sense of belonging, pride and self-esteem.


We want children who, thanks to the integral development of their abilities and talents, can have a better future vision for themselves and their families, thus strengthening the social fabric.


Where we work it

San Juan


Our Musical Training System (SICOEM), applied in Filarmonía Vallesana since 2012 and created by our Artistic / Musical Director, Maestro Próspero Reyes Cedeño, has been selected by the world organization HundrED.org as one of the 100 Teaching Programs most innovative in the world.

Master Prospero and our managers were present at the HundrED Innovation Summit 2018 in Helsinki, Finland ...

Recent activities

Closure of  Easter Holiday


Participated children of  Rincón de Guadalupe, Acatitlán y San Juan Amanalco.

Know the case of Victor!


Also recording of the musical material that the children have learned until today.

Closure of  Easter Holiday


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Filarmonía Vallesana is a Social Program of the International Music Festival of Valle de Bravo.

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